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Trends we hope STAY in 2015

By: Shannon Grogan

Fashion is funny thing. Trends seem change every time the wind blows. As soon as you hope on the bandwagon of your new found trend it seems to be gone the second you blink. There are some trends that some love that they never want to go away, like leggings as pants. What even are jeans? And some that have stayed too long that we hope to stay in 2015. Here are just a few:

1. The man bun.

We aren’t sure who came up with this one, but we hope it stays in 2015. It use to be the style of the hipsters and the rough around the edges look but now you can see it among the professional, sporty, and rugged. Let’s leave the pony tails to the girls.

2. Eyebrows

In no way am I saying shave them, I am saying let’s go a little more natural. These days eyebrows are just an accessory. So ladies, be sure to help ya girl out and let your besties know when their brows, drawn on thin or think, aren’t on fleek.

3. Eagle Talon Tips.

It doesn’t matter what color, red, green, purple, or blue it’s not going to help. You are not a duck, bear, or any animal with claws. How do you even button your pants with those things on? They are scary and look painful. Let’s leave this trend for halloween only.