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Two of the Most Disappointing Movies of ALL TIME

I have a confession to make…. I think I might have an addiction to watching movies. I have always loved going to the movie theater or even just watching a good flick on Netflix.  But, there are some movies that have so much hype around them and they just don’t quite hit the mark.  That might be the most disappointing feeling to a movie lover, like myself.  Here are just a few of some of the most disappointing of ALL TIME:


-Sisters (2015): I love me some Amy Poehler and Tine Fey but this movie was just a let down in my honest opinion. I wanted so badly to love it, but it never made me laugh out loud. I even have a “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” tank top; that’s how much I wanted to love this movie!! The whole movie I couldn’t help but think “How would you ever clean up this mess???” (that may just be my OCD coming out though). Amy and Tina I will always love you though!!

-Fantastic Four (2015):  I am all about superhero movies but I was very disappointed with this new adaptation. I didn’t think that there was ever a real high point of the movie and I kept waiting for that one exciting part and amazing part but, sadly, it never came. But if they ever make a sequel, you better believe I will be seeing that movie!!

What movies have you seen lately that have disappointed you? If you have any recommendations of movies that you think I NEED to see, let me know!!


All Day Hannah Gray