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The Bachelor: The Girls We Love to Hate

When you’re watching ‘The Bachelor’ it’s pretty easy to pick out the villain or the person everyone is going to ‘love to hate’ pretty early on. Whether it’s that they’re too confident, too straight-forward, or just too pretty, there’s always going to be that girl. And I bet when you read those first few sentences, in your head you were thinking of Olivia. But are you thinking that because Olivia really is this huge super villain, or are you thinking that because that’s what The Bachelor producers want you to think?

Now I have to admit, there are some things that Olivia has said this season that no producer or no editing could create, anyone remember the “teen mom” comment? But on the same hand, haven’t we all had one of those moments? When I watch this season, my heart hurts for Olivia. In my eyes, Olivia is someone who trusted the wrong people and followed the wrong cues. Have you ever taken the time to think about how they get the responses they do from the people on the show? These questions are prompted. I love reading things from past contestants where they reveal how things really are. Sharleen from Juan Pablo’s season said that if you hear someone say “I have never been on a date with 5 other girls,” it’s because producers directly asked, “Have you ever been on a date with 5 other girls?” So going forward think about this when watching and decide if you’re hating this girl because she really is a bad person or because that’s what the producers want you to believe?