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And the Claws Come Out for Spring

By: Shannon

It’s March 14 and seventy-two degrees outside. You are getting ready for class and when you learn that it’s going to be warm outside you check your closet for something to springy to wear. You find your favorite printed dress from last Spring or Summer that fits you in all the right places. Next you’re looking down and you see your favorite sandals that pull your outfit together. Success! You put your shoes on and you notice that your toes haven’t been touched since the last time you wore those sandals. You go on with the morning because you don’t think anyone will notice. Well let me tell you…WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! PEOPLE WILL NOTICE! You’re going to be sitting in your elementary stats class and the boy beside you is going to be bored and dozing off until he looks at your yellow, fungus infested, chipped paint, long cuticles, and 1-inch thick calluses.  Then every thought he had about your feet will change his mind because the thoughts of YOUR feet won’t leave his mind. And he is going to have nightmares that night about your nasty feet. Moral of the story? Take 30 minutes of your week, skip a few Starbucks coffees, and do all of us (and yourself) a favor, and groom those feet! Who knows? That cute boy in elementary stats could ask you on a date. Then it’s a win-win for everyone!