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Lukas Graham with Adam Bomb!

Adam Bomb got to hang out with Lukas Graham and his band back stageIMG_9161. They talked everything from food, to family, to fans. Lukas said he had one thing he had to do when they made their way to the south and that was using their bus grill to make some BBQ. Adam and Lukas later talked about his efforts to stay grounded while they reach higher and higher levels of fame. What comes with fame? Awkward cab rides listening to your own song; but don’t worry, Lukas isn’t one of those guys, he kindly asks the driver to change the station. However with their fame and more and more people hearing their music, Lukas has many fans emotionally connecting with his lyrics. Lukas’s advice for those going through a hard time? Use your weakness for strength. Write about what you’re going through and use it for good. Oh, and if you were wondering, best dressed in the band goes to bass player Magnus.


Lukas Graham sits down with Adam Bomb