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This Dance Cover of Justin Bieber’s Sorry Will Make Your Day

You need this video right now. Meet Balang, the internet’s favorite dancer. His rise to fame came when he posted a video of himself dancing to Bang Bang by Jessie J, and he caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres. Now, we can’t get enough of the guy! In his latest video, we see him dance…MORE

Two of the Most Disappointing Movies of ALL TIME

I have a confession to make…. I think I might have an addiction to watching movies. I have always loved going to the movie theater or even just watching a good flick on Netflix.  But, there are some movies that have so much hype around them and they just don’t quite hit the mark.  That…MORE

Trends we hope STAY in 2015

By: Shannon Grogan Fashion is funny thing. Trends seem change every time the wind blows. As soon as you hope on the bandwagon of your new found trend it seems to be gone the second you blink. There are some trends that some love that they never want to go away, like leggings as pants.…MORE

Celebrities that I am tired of hearing about in 2016….

By: Hannah Gray The new year is a time of starting over and turning a new page. Which is why we should leave some celebrities in 2015: 1.     Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani Embed from Getty Images In 2015, one of the biggest country couples told the world that they are splitting up and…MORE